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Therapy for Behavior up due Dogs

Behaviour therapy of your dog

Dear Dog Owner
Some good advices as go to any dog school (very often too many attendees, which is quite inefficient) or forcing methods (physical and/or psychological) as well as outburstings etc. are not realy helpful and successful - this is rather counterproductive for you and your dog!
Suppressed behaviour difficulties/problems (usually a result of quick therapy programs) will often shift in a new problem!
Get to the root of the problem- your dog will return this to you!
Therapy-Pogram of Feureus:
Veterinary medical examination
In advance of the thearpy program your dog will be inspected by a veterinarian. So we can clarify that a pathological cause is not the reason of your dog problem.
Analysis of your dogs behaviour
 A sound basis for the following therapy can be found and guaranteed by our therapist line psychological analysis (experiences shows that a dogs misbehaviour is usually caused by multiple factors, which often impacts each other). The behaviour of your dog will be analysed and assessed in his common environment. The analysis result will be reviewed and discussed with you and your family members, if possible.
Verification of your dog's education
and training status as well as yours situation.
Behavioural problems are often based on "misconduction" or communication lacks and/or mistakes/misunderstandings between human and animals. According our experiences, the dog owner got usually not adequated informations and animal education/training, unfortunately!
Therapyprogram (in written form)
The therapy training starts usually with individual lessons (a lesson duration is 60 minutes!). In this way, difficulties/troubles and indistinctness can be kown and cleared.
Trainings- / Education-Program
According to the (behaviour) analysis of your dog, our dog therapist will set up an invidual training program fitted to you and your dog (e.g. conditioning, desensitizing, ranking of hierarchy, realizing of dominance etc.).
Final meeting / completion of therapy
At the end of this special therapy, a final meeting will be held in order to discuss to further actions/self-training methods and how to react in future situations.
You will definitely finish the Feureus therapy program successful!

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