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Familiy dog training

The family dog training is available by Feureus in efficiently small group lessons (3-5 participants - 60 minutes/lesson), as well as in intensive individual lessons (50 minutes/lesson).

Group lessons
At this training level, Feureus fosters primarily working in groups and among other dogs.

The social behavior of the dog to his kind and to the pack will be cemented.

The dogs behavior on the road as well as against joggers, cyclists, horse riders, children, etc. will be also trained.

The learned obedience/appeal e.g. leash walking, sit, down, wait, etc. will be skilled in the group lesson.

Training includes also small internal competitions, trips e.g. to the water, in the city and sometimes a full moon walk in a little larger groups.
(Former Events)

Relatives, friends and colleagues are cordially welcome.


Individual lessons
The individual training is also an integral part of the Feureus family dog training.

In the individual lessons, the difficulties and problems with the dog will be intensively and systematically addressed (eg, the tug on the leash, the unacceptable go away of the owner, unwanted barking, etc.).


 Place 1: Switzerland, CH-3673 Linden BE, Eriz, Feureus Training Area
 Place 2:
Switzerland, CH-3800 Matten b. Interlaken, Feldgässli 100, Pferdesportcenter Jungfrauregion
 Date: Courses start all the times
 Time: According school and training schedule table > see here

 Dogs: All races, also half-breeds are welcome
 Age: 8 months +
 Tuition Fee: Upon request or see also the pricelist > Pricelist here
Focal Point:
Fostering of well-socialized and obedient family dog!

- Only healthy and vaccinated dogs can attend the course.
- The vaccination card and, if available, the dog identity card have to be shown
at your first training.

SKN:  The certificate about dog basic knowledge (SKN - SachKundeNachweis)
can also be completed at Feureus.
More information about SKN-course and Swiss dog laws, which is different in the 26 Swiss cantons. (overview is only in German available at the moment)

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