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Hompage - last partial update was done on 14th of April 2019.

The homepage of Feureus got partially updates.

NEW: Menue point "Malinois Breed"

2019/04/14: The menue topic "Malinois Breed" got an update.
Whelpes allocation and some puppies are available. (see here).

NEW: Gallery "Breed, C-Litter"

2019/04/08: The picture gallery "Breed, C-Litter" got an update (more here).

The rich man's guardian,
the poor man's friend,
with his master united eternally loyal.

Your faithful quadruped

Feureus Information

After more than 22 years of active dog training and dog therapy,
Gabriela Schneeberger (Feureus CEO) decided to face other professional challenges.

Feureus offers from 2018/01/01 no more dog trainings.

Excluded are difficult dog behavioral therapies
(as a last hope/chance before lulling the four-legged friend)
as well as desensitization in case of great fear of dogs.

The many and often longtime customers a sincerely thank you, all the best and much joy with the dogs!


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