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2003/12/19: Thuner Tagblatt, Switzerland

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only in german
Interview with Gabriela Schneeberger.
Animals for christmas gifts?
"Certainly not", says Gabriela Schneeberger.

2007/01/24: Thuner Tagblatt, Switzerland

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only in german
Interview with Gabriela Schneeberger.
- chip obligation
- race restriction
- behavioral disturbance and aggression
- therapy possibilities and chance of successful results
- purchase of a dog
- dog training/schools

2013/02/21&22: Jungfrau Zeitung, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

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On-Line article

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News article HQ

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News article LQ

all only in German available

Jungfrau newspaper, Feureus press release:
"New school for dog and owner"
On the open day of Feureus dog school got interested an insight into dog ownership and dog training possibilities.
Feureus informs you about dog training matters, family- & sport dogs, possible solutions for dog misbehaviours, dog competence certificate SKN) etc...
- with commented presentations & shows
- with information stands around the dog
- contact with active Feureus customers
- with refreshments
- and ...
More, again listed in this printable Flyer, PDF 60KB and Program, PDF 73KB.
(sorry, these articles are only in german available)
Note: HQ = High Quality / LQ = Low Quality


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