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Judge Activities

Portrait of Judge:

Since the age of 15 years, Gabriela is active in the area of dog activities and its sport. With her first belgian schepert dog passed Gaby her first Swiss dog contest.

Soon after, various contests were be successfully attended in the area of safeguard dog.

Up to today, Gabriela is successfull in the branch of Family Dog, Safeguard Dog, International Contest Dog and Tracker Dog (in various levels) as well as in many championchips with awards.

Since 2002 is Gaby also in the service sector (duty area). Each mission is different, always new situations, the team man / dog is constantly being asked for and thereby they get's closer even more.

The dream of a own breed was finally realized in 2002 with the official kennel "von Feureus".

Gaby was qualified and appointed to a dog judge in the year 1998. This judge duty does she still carry out.

Work enjoy of the dog, a proper job as well as a fair behaviour in sport and duty are basic and essential for a good result in the contest.

Gabriela wishes all authorized teams best success - mainly best fond of memories and a wonderful time!

Already a contest participation or even of a championchip is sertainly a special honor for each team - no matter what rank finally will be cored. Enjoy the time gone still together with your dog!

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