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Training of young dogs

The dog sexual maturity begins to start with the age of 6 months. The puberty stage of the dog will soon occur.

In this age, the "youths" go through a lot of different phases. For example: Things, which the dog took cool up to now, become suddenly uncertain behaviour reaction - call back of the dog is working only exceptional - species kind are sometime dominatly and suddenly also submissive welcomed, etc.

The dog is going through another very important mature phase in his life and tries to find the limits of behaviour among others.

In this phase, it is important to settle down the rank (human-dog) and to strengthen the human-dog relationship.

The dogs perception and learning activities are pronounced in this age/phase . A further task is also learning and working under distraction.

 Place 1: Switzerland, CH-3673 Linden BE, Eriz, Feureus Training Area
 Place 2:
Switzerland, CH-3800 Matten b. Interlaken, Feldgässli 100, Pferdesportcenter Jungfrauregion
 Date: Courses start all the times
 Time: According school and training schedule table > see here
 Dogs: All races, also half-breeds are welcome
 Age: 6 – 12 months
 Tuition Fee: Upon request or see also the pricelist > Pricelist here

Course content
- Sit
- Down
- Wait (during Sit and Down)
- Guidance on leash
- Guidance without leash
- Call back to the dog leader
- no jumping on human (especially strangers)
- no chasing (animals, joggers, kids etc.)
Focal Point
- Improvement relationship human - dog

- Only healthy and vaccinated dogs can attend the course.
- The vaccination card and, if available, the dog identity card have to be shown
at your first training.

SKN:  The certificate about dog basic knowledge (SKN - SachKundeNachweis)
can also be completed at Feureus.
More information about SKN-course and Swiss dog laws, which is different in the 26 Swiss cantons. (overview is only in German available at the moment)

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