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Feb 24 2013 Feureus open day in Interlaken, Switzerland:
On 02/24/2013, at low winter temperatures (significant negative temperatures - which can be noticed by the well "packaged" participants), the open day of Feureus was held in 3800 Matten b. Interlaken (BE, Switzerland).
Nevertheless, the participants were in best mood and their interest was undimmed. Pictures of this event will follow as soon as they are released.

Jul 03 2010 Feureus 2nd Introductory Course Mental Dog Training:
Also the second seminar was successfully held on July 3rd 2010 in CH-3673 Linden, BE (Switzerland). The weather was again good! -> more


Apr 24 2010 Feureus 1st Introductory Course Mental Dog Training:
The first seminar was successfully held on April 24th 2010 in CH-3673 Linden, BE (Switzerland). Also the weather was again just marvelous! -> more

Feb 12 2010 Feureus gathering/meeting 2010:
At low winter temperatures (7° Fahrenheit), the annual Feureus meeting was held in the restaurant KREUZ, CH-3673 Linden, Switzerland. The participants enjoyed the informative and entertaining evening. -> more


Oct 31 2009 Feureus Halloween Event '09:
In 2009, we had our Halloween event at Taubental, Boltigen (BE) Switzerland. Again, we had clear, sunny and quite warm weather conditions for this season - and almost settled full moon.
-> more


Sep 27 2009 Feureus visit to the "Spiezer Läset Sunntig '09":
Numerous friends of the Pyrenees mountain dogs participated in the anniversary parade of the "Spiezer Läset Sunntig" (Vintage Festival in Spiez, Switzerland).
-> more

Sep 13 2009 Feureus Fall Event 2009 at Engstlensee, Switzerland:
The fall event '09 took successfully place at the beautiful Engstlensee in Switzerland. We had various activities and highlights, during best weather conditions.
-> more

Aug 14-16 2009

Summer Trainings Weekend '09 in Interlaken, Switzerland:
Having had beautiful sommer weather, like in a picture book, the Feureus summer trainings weekend was successfully held in Interlaken, Switzerland, and it's environment.
-> more

Aug 06 2009 Feureus Full Moon Walk:
Once more, a Feureus full moon walk with dogs was held on 6th of August 2009.
-> more


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