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Activities & Events

Feureus comming up activities and events in 2019:

Date 2019 Activities & Events


In case of emergency, Feureus will be available for you under celluar phone: +41 79 / 430 47 45.

(valid rate will be as for individual lessons & consultations and as well as for expenses & phone consultation outside normal working hours)


After more than 22 years of active dog training and dog therapy,Gabriela Schneeberger (Feureus CEO) decided to face other professional challenges.

Feureus offers from 2018/01/01 no more dog trainings.

Excluded are difficult dog behavioral therapies
(as a last hope/chance before lulling the four-legged friend)
as well as desensitization in case of great fear of dogs.

The many and often longtime customers a sincerely thank you, all the best and much joy with the dogs!

"Wow-wau Partner, we are ready any time !"

Note: Animated picture on German site.

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