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Training for Pubbies

Finally, you got a puppy (whelp). We know, you were really looking forward to this moment!

Well, this new family nember gives you a wonderful time, but also difficulties and challenges (how about a "leak" on your carpet - of course, the cute darling would not tell you on time).
Already in the first months of life, the puppy should receive a professional education (without any force)!
On this way, you will stay out of troubles and experience a harmonious and kind-fair relationship/connection to the growing up young "boy/girl" at the same time . 

A first step to the dog owner license

 Place 1: Switzerland, CH-3673 Linden BE, Eriz, Feureus Training Area
 Place 2:
Switzerland, CH-3800 Matten b. Interlaken, Feldgässli 100, Pferdesportcenter Jungfrauregion
 Date: Courses start all the times
 Time: According school and training schedule table > see here
 Dogs: All races, also half-breeds are welcome
 Age: 13 - 24 Weeks
 Tuition Fee: Upon request or see also the pricelist > Pricelist here

Course content
- controlled playing with kind comrades
- visual and acoustic detraction (incl. noise/bang influences)
- body and bit check (also useful for visits to the veterinarian)
- "city and/or country tour"
Focal Point
- Dog relation to the leader/owner
Call back training and obedience (per play- and/or food instinct)
- how to play with puppies/whelps
- call back to the leader
- call back during distraction
- leash guidance
- positions (sit and down)
- short waiting trainings
The lessons are individually adapted on each puppy. In order to get a correct social behaviour among kind comrades, sometimes the whelp groups will be mixed with adult dogs.

- Only healthy and vaccinated dogs can attend the course.
- The vaccination card and, if available, the dog identity card have to be shown
at your first training.

SKN:  The certificate about dog basic knowledge (SKN - SachKundeNachweis)
can also be completed at Feureus.
More information about SKN-course and Swiss dog laws, which is different in the 26 Swiss cantons. (overview is only in German available at the moment)

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