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About Feureus

Origin of Feureus Brand

Pronounce: Feu-re-us

The name is a composition of essence/kind (derived from the Latin) and the local occurrence of Feureus:

- Canis aureus ("golden Dog")
  according to the schwedish Taxonomen Carl von Linné in the year 1758.

- Aureus -> golden, gold plated or golden Coin
  (meant also for the colour of fur and character traits)

- Ferreus -> iron made, steel, as well as firm and strong
  (meant for indestructible and determined, strong-willed)

- Ferus -> wild, untamenessed
  (meant for powerful and energetic)

- and last but not least "Feuer" (fire), which stands for the marvelous, fiery sunsets at
  Feureus location.

CEO / Lead

Gabriela Schneeberger, the head of "Feureus" and CEO, was born and grown up in the heart of Switzerland, Ringgenberg/Interlaken, which is located in the Bernese Oberland at the beautiful Lake of Brienz.

Since 1982, Gabriela is successfully active in the business of dog training and the behavior of the dogs as well as in the interaction of human and dog. Already in early years, Gaby was very engaged as a course leader of Youth & Sports (J+S, Polysport).

Since 1998, as an achievement judge for the Swiss federal cynology society, Gabriela is also fully associated with the national dog sport and its activities.

Since 2002, Gaby is also active in the security sector (area dog on duty). Each mission is different, always new situations, the team human/dog is constantly being challenged and thereby they get matched to each other even more.

In 1998, Gabriela became fully self-employed and in 2000 she opened a practice for animal psychology / behavioral therapy as well as the Feureus dog training/school in Linden/Jassbach (Switzerland, BE).

Various instruction courses and studies (e.g. studying dog psychology and behavior therapy with ATN graduation, graduation as official certified medical clerk, expert in dog knowledge and dog training or in the sector dog food), gives Gabriela a huge know-how and a founded specialized knowledge for her activities and job.

This specialized knowledge, as well as the enormous experience, flows likewise into her kennel/breed of Belgian shepherd dogs (Malinois, von Feureus, FCI), which Gaby established in 2002.

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